This popular autobiography has been newly released in a second edition by author and native Newfoundlander Noel Edward Martin. “Up in the Bottom” tells both humorous and tough stories of growing up in Lewisporte, Newfoundland in the 1950’s and life after leaving the Island. Noel has carried lessons learned in childhood into his adult life and used this material to produce an entertaining book that goes beyond a personal memoir.

The author describes his motivations for writing the book as follows.

“I have long wanted to write about my unusual life and am not sure why. I guess it’s because something inside me needed to explain my strange journey. After a lifetime of keeping dark secrets I also needed to tell the truth, not just to unburden myself, but for the sake of releasing others from blame who could not do so for themselves. At any rate in my seventy-fifth year, I determined to stitch many of my own already written “patches” together and sew them to the batting of day-to-day memories which comprise the fabric of my life.”

The book serves as a great example on how to mine the details of your life and turn them into stories that others will enjoy – you don’t have to be famous to write an interesting book.

The new edition is available for sale at:

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